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relationship reading for you and your partner


There is this person that sometimes seems like a mystery to you. 

He is talking to you but never really shows what he is really thinking about. 

Sometimes you fight. Afterwards you ask yourself why he’s always reacting in this exact same way. 

And why you are reacting that same special way. Every time. 

You are wondering how to stop this downward spiral. 


Love is not always easy. 

Whenever we let people into our lives, love can hurt us deeply. More deeply than we ever thought possible. 

Maybe you feel lonely sometimes because your partner doesn’t understand you. At all. 

You want to be loved. You want to feel loved. Loved by someone who really gets you. 

Who is with you no matter what happens. 

Who can see your soul. And you his. 



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You want to know what drives him. And you. 

You’d like someone to explain the tricky parts. Where you need to keep an eye on. 

I can show you where you’re losing energy and how you can change that easily. 


In the composite relationship reading I will talk about your human design and that of a second person. I will talk about how these two profiles interact and how you can avoid conflicts. 

  In a zoom call I will tell you what I can read in your human design charts and of course, you can ask me questions. In the end you will get a recording of our call. I want you to relax during our call. 

The reading will take about 90 to 120 minutes and you will get it for 250€. 

The second person can be your partner, your child or any other important person. 

Human design was brought into the world by Ra Urs Hu so that people like you and me will understand themselves better and will react to other people in a more understanding and loving way. The realizations you will have during a reading can turn your world around. Afterwards you will probably ask yourself how you could ever live without this knowledge 🙂 

Your human design is unique and makes you special. 

And I’d be honored to share it with you. 



If you want to have your composite reading please start with sending 250€ via PayPal for your reading. 

Then please go to contact to submit your data. 

Then we’ll find a date for our zoom call. 

Let’s rock this. 

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